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Thermen Museum Heerlen



Commissioned by Holland Art Gallery I designed a triptych for the Museum Kwartier Heerlen in which the story is told of the Thermenmuseum in combination with the city of Gemeente Heerlen. Past, present and future are highlighted.

The name 'VIAVIA' is derived from the two vias/roads that intersect, Via Belgica and Via Traiana. About 2000 years ago, a bathhouse was built at this intersection, from which Coriovallum arose, now known as the city of Heerlen. We also know 'via via' as an expression (in Dutch) to indicate how you progress from one point to another. Literally and figuratively. This suits Heerlen, a city on the move.

The first canvas was unveiled at the end of August. Canvas 2 was up on October 3rd. On November 9 alderman Jordy Clemens and I unveiled canvas 3, the final canvas.

The triptych tells the story of the museum, combined with the city of Heerlen. Where the first two canvases showed you the past and present, the last canvas takes you into the future. It is aimed at stimulating, learning (education) and discovery.

The addition of Augmented Reality gives the artwork a more interactive character and there is more to discover than meets the eye. After all, that's how it is with excavations, discovering layer by layer.

The triptych VIAVIA can now be fully admired on the outer facade of the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen.

Three large art prints, 3x3 meters, on canvas including lighting and augmented reality.


To watch and hear this triptych with augmented reality download the (free) Artivive app for iPhone and Android:


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